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About StemGenex

About StemGenex<sup>®</sup>Since 2007, StemGenex® founder Rita Alexander has been a pioneer in facilitating stem cell therapy to patients throughout the world. As a pioneer and stem cell advocate Rita’s mission continues to focus on changing the lives of patients diagnosed with degenerative illnesses through stem cell therapy.

The StemGenex® network of stem cell therapy centers are able to provide patients with cutting-edge adipose derived adult stem cell treatment options. These are options that have been studied for over 6 years, designed to directly target the areas of the body where patients need repair most.

Each center provides access to state-of-the-art adipose derived stem cell therapy by a dedicated team of specialists, surgeons, clinical staff and other health experts. We offer a caring and nurturing environment, where patients and their family can find the absolute latest adipose derived stem cell therapy advancements all under one roof.

Patient-centric Care

At StemGenex®, our work revolves around patients and their complete satisfaction. We are committed to bringing advanced stem cell therapy options to patients sooner, including more targeted stem cell therapy; in a safe manner.

The StemGenex® Family Standard

At StemGenex® our mission is to treat every patient with the same level of care that we would use when treating our own loved ones. We call this The StemGenex® Family Standard. Hope, support, compassion, and empowerment are what StemGenex® lives by. We consistently monitor patient satisfaction in multiple categories to ensure we are improving the entire patient experience through StemGenex®.

StemGenex® offers patients access to care like none other.

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